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New Car Log Book Service and All Mechanical Repairs

Bridge Auto Repairs in Taren Point, NSW, provides new car log book service for all makes and models. Log book servicing is carried out to manufacturers’ specifications at required intervals.

We are a licensed mechanic and a member of the MTA and IAME.

License number: 44/023858/0

As part of your new car log book service, we will stamp your log book and comply to Australian Laws enforced by the ACCC to provide consumers choice when having their cars serviced and to maintain their new car warranty.

New Car Log Book Service and All Mechanical Repairs

Bridge Auto Repairs in Taren Point, NSW, provides new car log book service for all makes and models. 

License number: 44/023858/0

We stamp your log book and  maintain your new car warranty.

How to slash your NEW CAR SERVICE costs without killing your new car warranty

New Car Log Book Service Rules in Australia Everyone Needs to Know


There is a lot of confusion amongst our customers with respects to new car log book service rules and laws in Australia.

Bridge Auto Repairs stays up to date through our industry memberships with the most recent rules and laws to protect you and your car.


There are 3 requirements under Australian Law that must be met to ensure your new car log book service is carried out to preserve your statutory warranty, guaranteed to all new car owners in Australia.


Rule #1: Performed by Qualified Staff

To ensure your new car warranty remains intact the ACCC deems that qualified staff must undertake the new car log book service or warranty repair.

Bridge Auto Repairs staff are meet the qualified staff requirement and are licensed mechanics. We’ve been doing new car log book service for 29 years.


Rule #2: Done to Manufacturer's Specs

The new car log book service must be done to the Manufacturer’s Specifications.

Exactly the right jobs need to be done, on time, according to distance and time elapsed – whichever comes first; and all the jobs for the particular new car log book service need to be completed, every time.


Rule #3: Use Fit for Purpose Parts

The ACCC says genuine parts ARE NOT a part of warranty preservation. This issue is not who manufactures the part, rather whether they are fit for purpose or not (designed to do the job).

Bridge Auto Repairs is ‘plugged in’ to a network of genuine and after-market parts suppliers to meet these needs.

Dealers cannot declare a warranty void if the buyer has the vehicle serviced by someone else provided these rules are followed*

*Professor Allan Fels, (former) Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

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